Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yogie Pratama show in Fashion Nation, Senayan City.

It's official! my beloved emerging young talented designer, Yogie Pratama, has been choosen to be one of three new member of Indonesian Fashion Desginer Council of IPMI (Ikatan Perancang Mode Indonesia). some people found it surprising, since he is still very young.
But I say why not? look at this collection he did for Fashion Nation event, all white collection with magnificent details effortless cut and very elegant collection. completed with Rinaldy A Yunardi's Accessories and the official comeback of my beloved model, Prinka, who was absence a while for giving birth to a cute little baby boy named 'Biru'.
This collection deserved a high appreciation as his design is getting mature and media friendly yet still very wearable for the market. enough prove that he is an IPMI qualified designer.

Congratulation for the show, and I wish you lots of luck in the IPMI trend show which will be held on 8th of October 2013 as his IPMI show debut (rumors said it will be titled 'Melancholia'). can't wait to see the collection and reviewed it on my blog.

Mr J

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