Thursday, September 19, 2013

Didi Budiardjo Bridal show 2013

one fine day, Miss Josephine widira from Moreno & Co invite me to this prestigious event, Didi Budiardjo bridal collection show. Didi Budiardjo is a senior designer that every young designer look up to. he also recently featured in a tribute edition in Harper's Bazaar Indonesia, September issue 2012. and he also become the creative consultant in Harper's Bazaar Indonesia since 2010. long story short, I gotta attend this event.
All the beautiful people were there. Shilvia buntar and sisters from Shill, Michael Pondaag from Indonesian Bazaar, Andreas Odang, The Indonesia's sweetheart April and Summer Widira, all of them are there dress up head to toe for Mr. Budiardjo's show. I wear a loose top shirt from Danjyo-Hiyoji, gold embroidery vest with tassels detail, and complete it with Rattan weaved hat by Marsel Hober, can't go wrong with huge headpiece. and luckily I sat in the aisle so no one behind me eclipsed by my hat.
we enter the room and the ambiance is magnificence! the lighting is perfect, the circular stage with paperwork decoration stole my heart (and turns out it shaped circular on purpose, it was a rotating stage. amazing rotating stage.) I feels like in the Planetarium.. fancier of course. 

and the show begin. one by one tall beautiful women walks around the stage carrying Didi Budiardjo beautiful dresses. the tone is red and white. my favorite is the floral ornament dress with openable bustier cage with Mother Mary picture as details. beautifully crafted by the collaboration with one of the most important Accessories designer in Indonesia, Rinaldy A Yunardi. that dress stole my and everybody's heart that night.

At the end of the show, the stage rotating for the last time, with the maestro himself standing humbly in the center surrounded himself with paper decoration of wings flipping Eros angels. one of the most beautiful show I ever see in my life. a beautiful manifesto for Indonesia art and fashion industry.   
 suddenly I found hope in all of this degrading quality fashion industry in Indonesia. That a true designer who gave their best effort, heart, and love for a any collection will be immortalized and can sustain for a very long career, this so-called fashion jungle industry will eliminate those who ignore craftsmanship and kneel before fame. and the best one will stand still till the end.
Mr J

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