Thursday, September 19, 2013

Catherine Emilia 'Nobis Pacem' on Esmod fashion week 2013

I always support new designer, we need more fresh talent and new faces in this industry. one of the new faces, is Catherine Emilia, who graduated with special jury award last year from her bachelor degree in fashion design from ESMOD Jakarta. I always her experimental side, yet with some little adjustment she can be very promising in the commercial side too. so here's her second collection! still very experimental-edgy with deconstructive design on unusual material like plastic paper, knitted , painted fabric, and coffee spilled fabric, and all of this pieces are environmental friendly. finally after so long, I see one more gem from Esmod Jakarta.

she run freely in the stage barefooted and give her last bow. before she's gone into the back stage area. what a unique persona with huge heart inside a very petite figure.

Mr J

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