Friday, September 27, 2013

'ICONIC WOMEN' by NURULITA for Plaza Indonesia

Nurulita idea for this Exhibition is to potraying the iconic beauty in the past by capturing the essence of the current beauties.huge name like Jane birkin, yoko ono, Anna May Wong, Iman Abdul Madjid, Grace jones, Annie Lennox, Twiggy, Lisa Fonssagrives and so many more. collaborating with 4 stylist, with am as one of them, is such a pleasure experience. my icons are Frida Kahlo, Audrey Hepburn, Isabella Blow, and Oey Hui Lan. 
Sadly Oei Hui Lan (madame Wellington- Koo) was dropped from the exhibition due to lack of spaces and similarity style to Anna May Wong (and May wong won with her iconic square bangs), and they said that Hui Lan was not a fashion icon, maybe they just forgot the fact that in the 20s she named as the best dressed Chinese woman by Vogue (even Madame Chiang Kai Shek didn't won that position). as the child of the richest man in Indonesia at that time and later she was married to the China ambassador for French, she basically the Chinese version of Jackie-O in the 20s.
make up artist  for:
     Audrey hepburn and Frida Kahlo: BUBAH ALFIAN
     Oei Hui Lan: LIZZIE PARRA
as Frida Kahlo: RETI RAGIL @WYNN
as Audrey Hepburn: RENATA KUSMANTO @JIM  

each of these beautiful women have been selected carefully to be perfectly fit for potraying the icons. I am so glad the results are beyond imagination. Nurulita has succeed to captured and modernized the iconic beauty in the past into current time without losing the classic beauty and telling the now generation the stories and persona of these women only with pictures.

Mr J

'BE EASY ON ISSIE!' a tribute to the late Isabella Blow by NURULITA for Plaza indonesia exhibition 'ICONIC WOMEN'

Isabella Blow is my muse. There's no one, not even Gaga, can do what she did. She discovered some of the most important and celebrated people in the 21st century such as, Alexander Mcqueen, Phillip Treacy, Hussein Chalayan, Sophie Dahl, Stella Tenant, Anna Fraser, her former assistant turns designer Tassos Sofroniou, and many more.
As a fashion editor, writer, scout, arbiter, stylist, nurturer, and most of all, she is a legendary muse.
I can talk hours about this incredible woman. She wears hat like it's part of her body. and she always in fashion. She breathes fashion. common people will not understand her at all, and those pressured and stressed from personal, family, and financial issues starts to make her suffered from manic depression. Which brought her to end her own life by drinking weed killer while she is already suffering for ovarium cancer. Such a tragic life for one of the most festive persona in the world of fashion industry.
a tribute to the late ISABELLA BLOW
by NURULITA for Plaza Indonesia exhibition
make up and hair BUBAH ALFIAN
asst photographer VIA and LUBIS.

such a unique eccentric beauty in her own time and space. she is different and stands out in the crowd. she inspires people around her. we love you, Issie.

Mr J

ANDIEN as BILLIE HOLIDAY for NURULITA for Plaza Indonesia exhibition

I listened Billie Holiday's songs since highschool when am actually capable to listen and understand to jazz music, without a doubt, Billie holiday is the Godmother of American Jazz and a national treasure on top of her dramatic sad dark life.
when Nurulita ask me to collaborate with her in the 'ICONIC WOMEN' exhibition Plaza Indonesia, without any second thoughts, I said yes. one of the nowadays figure that we are going to captured in the lens is Andien Aisyah, award-winning jazz singer, fashion darling, young great artist, and finding the right icon for her looks is kinda tricky. because her persona is such elegance and class with very unique figure and face, but when we told her she'll become Lady Day, who turns out to be her long time big idol, she said yes.
a tribute for the late BILLIE HOLIDAY
for Plaza Indonesia exhibition 'ICONIC WOMAN'
make up artist LIZZIE PARRA
hair stylist BUBAH ALFIAN

Mr J

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Catherine Emilia 'Nobis Pacem' on Esmod fashion week 2013

I always support new designer, we need more fresh talent and new faces in this industry. one of the new faces, is Catherine Emilia, who graduated with special jury award last year from her bachelor degree in fashion design from ESMOD Jakarta. I always her experimental side, yet with some little adjustment she can be very promising in the commercial side too. so here's her second collection! still very experimental-edgy with deconstructive design on unusual material like plastic paper, knitted , painted fabric, and coffee spilled fabric, and all of this pieces are environmental friendly. finally after so long, I see one more gem from Esmod Jakarta.

she run freely in the stage barefooted and give her last bow. before she's gone into the back stage area. what a unique persona with huge heart inside a very petite figure.

Mr J

Didi Budiardjo Bridal show 2013

one fine day, Miss Josephine widira from Moreno & Co invite me to this prestigious event, Didi Budiardjo bridal collection show. Didi Budiardjo is a senior designer that every young designer look up to. he also recently featured in a tribute edition in Harper's Bazaar Indonesia, September issue 2012. and he also become the creative consultant in Harper's Bazaar Indonesia since 2010. long story short, I gotta attend this event.
All the beautiful people were there. Shilvia buntar and sisters from Shill, Michael Pondaag from Indonesian Bazaar, Andreas Odang, The Indonesia's sweetheart April and Summer Widira, all of them are there dress up head to toe for Mr. Budiardjo's show. I wear a loose top shirt from Danjyo-Hiyoji, gold embroidery vest with tassels detail, and complete it with Rattan weaved hat by Marsel Hober, can't go wrong with huge headpiece. and luckily I sat in the aisle so no one behind me eclipsed by my hat.
we enter the room and the ambiance is magnificence! the lighting is perfect, the circular stage with paperwork decoration stole my heart (and turns out it shaped circular on purpose, it was a rotating stage. amazing rotating stage.) I feels like in the Planetarium.. fancier of course. 

and the show begin. one by one tall beautiful women walks around the stage carrying Didi Budiardjo beautiful dresses. the tone is red and white. my favorite is the floral ornament dress with openable bustier cage with Mother Mary picture as details. beautifully crafted by the collaboration with one of the most important Accessories designer in Indonesia, Rinaldy A Yunardi. that dress stole my and everybody's heart that night.

At the end of the show, the stage rotating for the last time, with the maestro himself standing humbly in the center surrounded himself with paper decoration of wings flipping Eros angels. one of the most beautiful show I ever see in my life. a beautiful manifesto for Indonesia art and fashion industry.   
 suddenly I found hope in all of this degrading quality fashion industry in Indonesia. That a true designer who gave their best effort, heart, and love for a any collection will be immortalized and can sustain for a very long career, this so-called fashion jungle industry will eliminate those who ignore craftsmanship and kneel before fame. and the best one will stand still till the end.
Mr J

Yogie Pratama show in Fashion Nation, Senayan City.

It's official! my beloved emerging young talented designer, Yogie Pratama, has been choosen to be one of three new member of Indonesian Fashion Desginer Council of IPMI (Ikatan Perancang Mode Indonesia). some people found it surprising, since he is still very young.
But I say why not? look at this collection he did for Fashion Nation event, all white collection with magnificent details effortless cut and very elegant collection. completed with Rinaldy A Yunardi's Accessories and the official comeback of my beloved model, Prinka, who was absence a while for giving birth to a cute little baby boy named 'Biru'.
This collection deserved a high appreciation as his design is getting mature and media friendly yet still very wearable for the market. enough prove that he is an IPMI qualified designer.

Congratulation for the show, and I wish you lots of luck in the IPMI trend show which will be held on 8th of October 2013 as his IPMI show debut (rumors said it will be titled 'Melancholia'). can't wait to see the collection and reviewed it on my blog.

Mr J

Farah and Andri Prewedding shoot

So... few days ago I bumped into one of my very first Pre-wedding shoot client.. Ms Farah And Mr Andri Nayoan. They are what I called 'rocking couple'. they have unusual love story.. rocking yet romantic. So as the result you can see the picture below, captured in several places around Jakarta. Make up by Anpa Suha, Hair by Tedza Syahrial. but sorry really-really sorry, I forgot who the photographer is.. if by any change you see this, please inform me.

Mr J