Wednesday, August 28, 2013

'LOOK BEYOND' POLICE 30th Anniversary Party by Optik Seis

Soo… several days ago I received a birthday invitation. Not from a boy I know… or a girl… but at that very moment I know already that I gotta attend this birthday event.

It’s Police 30th anniversary party! And Optik Seis as their partner in Indonesia celebrates it with one big Party in one new lounge named Alibi, Kuningan. There are performances from this band named ‘Volts’ and they rock! I mean it! They performance is amazing! And the excitement not over on the band, there’s also a showcase of Police eyewear newest collection nicely presented by JIM Models and supported by No’om & No’mi by Soetjipto Hoeidjaja for their outfit. For this year’s birthday, they celebrate the party all around the world with same theme ‘Look Beyond’ which they also launched special collection of eyewear as Police’s contribution to supports the MSF (Medicine Sans Frontier) aka ‘Doctor without Border’ movement that already won a peace noble for their works.


And one thing that I love from this party is the merchandise they gave to me. I got this very cool Army tag necklace (and turns out it was a USB flash disk) and they also gave me this amazing shades!

Anyhow, since 1983, Police has been one of the pioneer for eyewear and sunglasses, and they also has great humanitarian mission, for this year, they launched a book entitled ‘People Beyond’ which actually a collection of photos and testimonial of Public Figures like Luke Evans, Dire Straits, Alek Wek, Tiziano Ferro and so many other about their vision about the better future. And this book also launched to support the ‘Doctors without border’ movement.

Talking about Luke evans.. he has been choosen to be the new face of Police! After soooo many Hollywood macho - tough guy like Bruce Willis, Beckham, George Clooney, and Antonio Banderas. Yeah.. they surely kick ass!

So… I suggest you go to nearest Optik Seis now and go buy a pair (or more) of Police eyewear, since if you buy it you get a free Police tumbler, and if you buy it and wearing it, and do some selfie and tweet it or upload it over instagram, you can also get a Police pen worth of USD 60! It must be one cool pen. But only when they have stock for the pen. So buy it like ASAP. Come on guys.. I know your office payment already due now. It’s ok to buy a little something-something for your eyes. And get a cool look as the extra!

Mr J

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