Monday, April 8, 2013

SWANK first Indonesian stockist in Fashion Exchange, EX Plaza!

Congratulation to SWANK!!!!! finally they open their first Indonesian stockist in Fashion Exchange EX Plaza second floor-second level. I love the fact that the decoration of the stores goes really well with their collection! what a coincidence! so, as the grand launching of the Fashion exchange,  me and the Swank team went to see our booth for the first time and proudly wear our swank collection!

Ms Ayu Putri wering the printed pants from Counting Days collection,
Mr. Salvi Arzharael wearing printed shirt and mirrorized barbwire tee,
also from Counting Days collection

here's some picture of us describing our happiness.
kinda silly, but oh come on.. just feel our spirit with you..
and here's a snapshot of me wearing Uniqlo sweater, Swank monochromatic jumpsuit from 'Love.Color.Dream' collection with EMINICO X SWANK barbwire bracelet, SHILL's Lego Boutonniere, and John Galianno hi-top strap sneakers. 

so, if you are around the Mall, feel free to visit the SWANK booth in Fashion exchange, second level. now you dont need to fly to Singapore or Malaysia or waiting for the delivery time from webstore to get some Swank. enjoy!

Mr J

Mel Ahyar Bridal Couture show in Bazaar Wedding Expo 2013

 This is the best Mel Ahyar collection I ever seen. everything just perfect. the music is perfect. and especially, the dress.

I know Mel Ahyar quite a while. to be honest, usually I love 90% of her dress, but there's 10% part of the dress that I think should be reconsidered. however, this bridal collection, I like 100% of 100% of the collection. I love all of it. she deserves a standing ovation to bring back simplicity and elegance in the cupcakes giant white fabric ball bridal era. This collection is not only beautiful, it also educating the market, and that's how a great collection should be.

The collection as simple as the set and decoration of the show, all plain white, it gives the dress a change to stands out and all eyes focus on the details and craftmanship, especially the cutting and patern that I believe Ms Ahyar understands really well during her nouvell couture master degree program studies back in Paris, once again. it is perfect.

Here's some picture from the show, I post all of the dresses here, since i saw how many seats are empty and lots of people missed this amazing collection, and as a friend and I put my self as selfclaimed journalist, I have to spread this amazing collection.

Indonesian singer also spotted in the front row, such as Andien, BE3, Millane Fernandez, and many more. Bravo, Mademoiselle Mel ahyar! you deserved a standing ovation for this collection.

Mr J

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Are You ROCK? or....... Sports?

Besides Vodka, there's one more thing that absolute, Everybody in this world wanna be rich. Yup, oh please.. who doesnt?! anyhow, one day, I just sitting in my living room watching E Channel and boom! 50 most richest hollywood. Yikes, Rock star do really rich, and they love being rich! and some of the list are actually Atheletes. and yes, they gain A LOT being an endorser, and contracts with clubs, etc. They really are rich and they spend it wisely on clothing... on living.. on socializing.. basically their lifestyle shows it all.
After the shows ends, I start day dreaming about their lifestyle.. and i guess the most easy way to up grade your lifestyle is by get yourself a pair of perfect shades. it framed your face very well, and can change your personality once you slides it between your ears.
Optik Seis as one of the biggest eyewear store in Indonesia (and they have complete collection! yes, even the very limited one!) from last 26th-31st of March 2013, they gave us not only option, but also solution of "how to steal the rock star or athletes' looks?" by just get the right pair of eyewear.

Presenting Oakley as the sports eyewear and the legendary Ray-ban with their uber cool-badass rockstar collection of eyewear. not just showing their collection, they also have games area both for sports and rocking out. and all customer get a change to win a modified Vespa from Ray-Ban or a Handwatch from Oakley (which i heard around IDR 20 million in the sales price), and yes some lucky customer won it. What a lucky customer indeed..
They also have some parades of shows featuring JIM models, showing the Oakley and Ray-ban collection. here's some snapshot from the show...

I really-really-really want to grab a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer or maybe the Aviator one after watching the show.. last but not least, they closed the event with performance from NAIF, and there are Indonesian stars parade! I spotted Andien, Vincent Rompies, Desta, Gunawan, and much-much more.

great event! and I do really grateful for the goodie bag! I got myself a portable speaker and a headphone! both from Ray-Ban. let's hope they sent me one of their Ray-Ban collection hahaha
and Yeaa.. I look great with this new buddy. it brings out my inner rock star..

thanks Optik seis for inviting me! now I gotta go to your nearest store and grab a shades for me.

Mr J
here's a candid of me in the media event at the show, am wearing Tom Ford eyewear from OPTIK SEIS, SWANK sweater paired with Soehoe bag and John Galliano strap hi-top sneakers.

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