Tuesday, September 11, 2012

J'aime Kokorico!

My beloved Make up artist friend just went to what I called 'once in a week foreign trip'. yes. once in a week, and this time, Ms Alfina Narang just went to visit Netherland and France!! and of course like some other 'buy me something real good or I blab all of your secret in twitter' guy, I ask her to buy me something good. and this time she got me something REALLY good!

Ms Alfina Narang just bought me 'KOKORICO by night' by Jean-Paul Gaultier! not only I appreciate the cost of this cool perfume, I also kinda love the smell! even am wearing it while typing this post. so here's some shoot about my new favorite perfume!

Thank you very much, Alfina!!!! can't wait for your next trip! *smooches*

Mr J

will upload some brand new portfolio with Alfina Narang! soon!