Saturday, June 30, 2012

'FLEUR' a fashion photography portfolio with Ricko Sandy

Fleur. or Flower in France. such a beautiful God's creation. and so does women. beautiful yet fragile, attractive but have thorns.. tempting and seductive with high pride yet complicated soul.

Ricko Sandy wants to capture the essence of women through his lenses.. and Monika from VTM at the other side of the lens did a great job being a blossoming beautiful female figure.
a fashion photography portfolio
make up artist HUSEIN YUNIOR
asst photographer OKHRAN STEVE


'KISS ME BABY!' a fashion portfolio by RICKO SANDY

for this fall I sugest some looks for preppy style lover. you still can be playful just like what you did along summer but already put some layered clothes while the weather starts to chills. well, fall is the season for love, right? enjoy!

a fashion photography portfolio
hair stylist BUBAH ALFIAN
asst photographer OKHRAN STEVE

thank you for jeidy who supporting the shoot with her hand! hahaha. soon, I'll update my shoot with Jeidy! I promise! soon!

Mr J

Wilujeng Wengi, Mademoiselle Sischaet Detta...

All Indonesian fashionista for at least once in a lifetime, see such a sight. a woman in black with sky-high stilletos, lots and by lots I mean LOTS of metal accessories. years after years, she already become an icon. some people don't know her name, they just know her looks.

She's Sischaet Detta. ESMOD-Jakarta Alumni, Fashion Designer Competition (Lomba Perancang Muda- Indonesia) top ten finalist with her magnificent collection entitled 'Wilujeng Wengi Mademoiselle', and an icon. Besides her stunning look, she also has a super warm heart and pressence. been working on Ascobat Reza as Creative Assistant, she's now struggling by herself in the Fashion industry.

photographed by RICKO SANDY
asst photographer OKHRAN STEVE

Since when you have huge interest in fashion and choose an iconic style like this?
I started to love fashion when i was in highschool. I was impressed by the works of Donna Karan , Zac Posen & Gareth Pugh. Their works eventually inspired and shaped the style that i am today.
I saw u wear black and gold very often, are they your favorite color? Why black and gold?
Yes, they are my most favorite color. I love black colour because this is easier for me to mix and match when i dress up. As for gold, i feel it suits my taste for royalty which also mostly inspire my works as a fashion desgner: that mostly relate to royalties of those golden ages.

Any comment about the public's opinion that you wear too much accessories in one look?
I don't really pay attention to anyone's opinion regarding to how i accessorize myself. i feel comfortable the way it is. Well, i kind of enjoying being noticed anyone or better, be the centre of attention. (haha~)
You are a esmod jakarta-graduate designer, did u make your own clothes?
 yes , of course. I even made most of my clothes.
As a struggling young designer, of course you have several goals in your career, do you mind to share some with us?
some of my main goals, i really want to have my own ready-to-wear boutiques and placed in several main fashion destinations. I also strive to realize another ultimate dream  of mine to work with famous designers such as Zac Posen.

Who's your muse and is there any favorite designer?
Daphne Guinness is my all-time muse. And my favourite designer is, of course, Collen Atwood, an amazing costume designer who has worked with major hit movies such as ‘Snow White & the Huntsman’ and ‘Alice in The Wonderland’

How does it feel when people see you more as a style icon than a designer?
I'm okay with that.. in fact, i'm pretty flaterred haha~

Please describe the meaning of 'happiness' for you.
For me, Happiness is when i walked around with fabulous outfit and everybody turn their sight at me.. two times.

It such a pleasure to meet such an iconic person. oh well, some people may think 'ICON?!?! her?!?!' well if you can point some other people in Indonesia fashion scene who has such presence more than her, please tell me. for now, she never fail to impress people in every occasion. so yes, for me, she's an icon.

Mr J 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

'KNIGHT' a model portfolio of Gera Skandal by Ricko Sandy

Gera Skandal is an amazing model! and stylist also back in Russia. well, he's a unique face that i will always remember. because there's not so many blonde haired male model here, in Jakarta.

Long story short, at the first time Ricko Sandy show his pictures, at the same second i said yes, i'd love to. and the rest is history!

a model portfolio for GERA SKANDAL @F-MODELS
Photographed by RICKO SANDY
Make up and hair by ALFINA NARANG
Asst photographer OKHRAN STEVE
Wardrobe: SPOUS by Priyo Oktaviano, Jvstify by yasmina yessy, Andreas Odang, WWW by Wilson Darlin, BIN house, and H&M

what can i say? Gera is amazing! and he did a great job! hope to see him again! he's in KL now..good luck to you, gera!!!

Mr J

Interview with SWANK!

so... just like what I promised, I'll post my interview with Swank.. and here's the In-depth interview, just for you! hope you like it

About the name swank...
At first I'm looking for a brand name starts with 'S' (taken from the creative director/ founder's initial) and the first thing that came up to my mind is 'Swank'. I search the real meaning of this word, and one web describe the word as 'other word of cool', however, another source describe the word 'swank' as 'chic' so I thought.. Why don't we brought this brand to both of this direction, and be the perfect description of the word 'swank' itself.

 About the style...
We choose 'streetstyle' as our main element. However, from what we see, 'street style' is all about freedom, so we want our customer and clientele to express their self with showing their authenticity with showing their very own personal style.. They can because our product allow them to mix and match it, so they can be glamor or anything they want to be. So they don't have to wear swank head-to-toe, they can mix it with other brands too, because Swank offer them the freedom of choose.

 About making an international break..
At the very first time, long time before we launched Swank, we already discuss about it. We want our brand to go abroad, as an International Indonesian brand, so we try our luck on Singapore as starter, because they're the nearest from Indonesia so it'll be easier for us to control. We had an offer from UK to distribute Swank there, even that it's a heart-break decision, we decide not to take it. It's not the right time for us and we don't want to be impulsively arrogant to put a brand in the land that too far for us to control. But hopefully, one day, when Swank is steady already, We'd love to reach UK and have a stockist or more, there.

The way trough Singapore market...
Yes, after we did our grand launching on the lookbook night event in Canteen, Plaza Indonesia, turns out the buzz effect is quite major and reach Singapore. Some multi brand stores there hear and see about our brand, and they invite us to come there to present swank and we brought some sample. This is a huge opportunity for us, and thankfully, we have several stockists there now.

About the Singapore's drama..
Our first problem is production, since we just starting it, and turns out the demand in Singapore is beyond our production capacity. And secondly, we actually need more than 2 weeks to research about Singaporean market. The trend, their style, what they like, and then we can forecast their needs, because they are much different than Indonesian market which quite conventional compared to Singaporean. There's no problem on sales there, more to see the trend and design oriented problem and we need to know the demographic of our targeted market, how old are they? What do they like? How many people? And again, thankfully, our stockist's buyers there loved to share some feedbacks and information for about the Singaporean market with us, even some of our customer give us direct feedback trough Facebook and Twitter about Swank's product.

About the new Adesagi Kierana inspired spring/summer collection..
For the last year, I've been working on the House of Adesagi Kierana, (salvi answered) And on our first collection, he gave us lots of input, critics, and direction from the details until the production. He is our mentor and inspiration, that's why in our second collection, we're not copying but because we inspired by him, we implement his signature design and mix it with Swank's identity for our new collection.

In the next five years..
For the long run, in the style perspection, we will design something 'unexpected', and perhaps we create something different but still in our root-signature style, our simple design. So, hopefully, in the next five years, we'll try our best to stick to our root, simple with a twist.

In the business side, actually we're quite proud of our brand already, to be choosen to present Swank in the 'Emporium event' in Blueprint, Singapore. In the future, we would try our best to conquer the asia region market, for five years, we will try HongKong, Thailand, Phillipines, which are the fashion big city in Asia-Pacific region, but our biggest goal and vision, is London. Which for us, the origin of street styler.

Hope for indie brands and young designers..
We hope that they stop copying one-another. Because in our humble opinion, with increasing number of brands and young designers, we'd love to see more unique pieces, but what we saw is heart-breaking. For us, to open a fashion line is a big creative process from each designers. But what we see now is the different direction, u may be inspired, but copying is just killing creativity.

Thank you, Swank team for your time!!!! I really had a great time! can't wait to see you soon!

Mr J