Tuesday, January 31, 2012

'GLAMANATION' a photography portfolio with RICKO SANDY

Glamanation is about mixing the indonesian traditional cloth, material, and costume with modern cut and shape to create a new urban look for daily wear and occasion.

basically, me myself love Indonesian cloth very much. and I love to mixed it with modern western item.. and in this modern day, we saw lots of batik Shirt.. skirt, etc. but Indonesian cloth is not only batik. they're ikat, prada, traditional weave, etc. so.. enjoy!

A fashion photography portfolio
Photographed by RICKO SANDY

Stylist asst. FIONA ANGELICA

Mr J

this is the first shoot on RICKO SANDY's freshly new studio, SHROOM STUDIO! Congratulation!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm in love with.... Lindsey Wixson

ok.. maybe I'm kinda late writting about her just now.. but still am head over sneakers for Lindsey Wixson now. Her remarkable face is such a big gift for her career. her 'bee stung lips', dimpled cheeks, her gap teeth, her nose, eyes, chin.. everything!

this 17 years old teen supermodel from Wichita, Kansas got her very first debut after hand picked by steven meisel for Vogue Italia. and now she's almost on every spring-summer 2012 couture show. this Marylin Agency star is just started her runway debut for New York Fashion week spring 2010, and now, she's on the 12th rank of Models.com

The other thing that i love about her is... she used to be a bully target at school. all the mean girl mocked her gap teeth as 'parking lot' etc. but now... as the most rising star model of 2011, I wish she said something like... "you know what, meangirls... you can play that Miranda Presley's act on me, but I live on the real version of V-O-G-U-E. keep watching that movie.. but I have a couture show to do, so you'll have something to see on your holy bible's September issue." yess! a true cinderella story!

and here's some picture of her doing the show taken from Style.com

Is there any possibility that she's coming to Indonesia for Portfolio? after her portfolio with Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia?? no? ooh that sucks!

Mr J

thx to Wikipedia for the refrences, and Style.com for the pictures :D

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stylishly Black

YES, BLACK ITEMS ARE STILL IN FOR THIS SPRING-SUMMER 2012!! Light Material such as Lace, Chiffon, cotton, Linen, and other comfortable material combined with precise cutting technique to show more leg and shoulder area will safe fashionistas around the world from the summer heat and sweaty body while they want to look fierce in black.

Nothing can stop you to be stunning In this summer. Not only your body will be able to survive from summer heat fashionably, CLEAR Shampoo will help you to protect your hair and scalps from summer hair disaster like dandruffs, dry scalps, and oily hair. Wearing a hat is an option but you have this ‘Ninja mask burn’ risk. You know.. only half down of your face get tanned.

Maybe now you are wondering why do I suddenly talk about CLEAR shampoo in this blog. That’s because I just found out they now have a new brand ambassador. None other than Ms. Agnes Monica.

Agnes Monica has always become a special topic between Jakarta’s Fashion Community, how her controversial appearance as a fashion chameleon freshing up the infotaintment and Twitter timeline. Agnes current appearance obviously shows how she loves to play in the sun - healthy tan, perfect smile, and of course beautiful hair.

Love it or not so much, Agnes Monica is one Indonesian young icon that is not only gorgeous, but also creative, innovative and surely knows how to get the spotlight. I think that is why CLEAR picked her as the new ambassador. They just shared the same value.

And the introduction itself, one extravagant event. BLACK AREA by CLEAR was held together in Djakarta Warehouse Project, the most spectacular rave party at the end of 2011. The dress code was black. How stylish was that? I can say that because, like I wrote earlier, I believe the touch of Classic and timeless black color will become another option for Fashionistas around the world besides lots of colorful items in this Spring-Summer 2012 collection. Here are the picture of the event.

With their new ambassador, Agnes Monica, you have a living proof how a young woman can be so stunning head to toe, without leaving the fashionable side of her. Surprising how she can handle all of it, from singing, acting, various stage performances and now the brand ambassador of CLEAR.

Agnes current appearance obviously shows how she loves to play in the sun - healthy tan, perfect smile, and of course beautiful dandruff free hair. So, if you wanna be out in the beach and not comfortable with your figure? Wear black head to toe. As for your hair and scalps? Just leave it to CLEAR for free dandruff hair.

Mr J

Oh and below is some pictures for your inspiration in wearing black.

P.S. Again
The images are taken from private source and google.com

Sunday, January 8, 2012

FEUI Theatre presents Shakespeare's 'Midsummer Night's Dream'

So, as far as i hate... I'm still a university student. but even that i hate that fact, i totally love my campus. I always try to contribute as far as i can in every campus event.. and so far.. from 1 to 10 scale.. this is my masterpiece.

Usually i'm just a stylist. but for this Project, i became Wardrobe and costume designer. oh well.. I create all the look for around 40 actor and actress... and some dancer.... and some singer.. less or more, there're 50 costume. oh well. I won't say the costumes were perfect.. the committee ask me to do this project only three weeks before the play. and thank God, it's about Shakespeare's 'Midsummer night dream', so basically it's Greecian dress.. not that hard to made. just drape here.. drape there.. times 50. still it's quite pain in the ass. and because misscommunication and else, I have to remake almost all the costume the day before the play.. yes, all 50 of them. and a lecturer ask to perform 30 minutes before the play and i have to make a new costume for her on set.

But thankfully, i have great friend and assistant back then, thanks to Asti, Hana Faiza, and Fiona Angelica! and also Eminico and Intan Ayundavira for the collaboration! I'm 90% Satisfied with the result! well yeaaa.. it's all about hardwork. but all the audience that i asked kinda happy with the costumes.. soo.. yeaa, I'm glad that now I can show them that I spend almost of my university era time for work.. real work as Stylist and stylist assistant. so at least now they know that i'm not a stupid-dumb-fat-black haired dude.

How?? like it? and 98% of the players are my campus students and alumni! am proud of my campus! MUCH!!!! (Perhaps that's why I'm not graduate yet -_-)

Mr J

I just wanna give my deepest condolences to my Tutor, Thornandes James. I hope your mother's soul will rest in peace next to God in heaven. *hugs* be tough James...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

RIP Adesagi Kierana

"It is important to look at death because it is a part of life.
it is a sad thing, melancholic but romantic at the same time.
It is the end of a cycle-
everything has to end. the cycle of life is positive
because it gives room for new things."
(Lee Alexander McQueen)

One of my favorite designer has passed away. Adesagi Kierana and his spouse had left us today, 1st of January 2012 at Bandung, Indonesia. According to his team in Jakarta, They had an accident in Bandung which lead them to death only 10 days after his beloved mother passed away.

Adesagi known as a designer with colorful, playful, and very well constructed design. used to work for a Make up company, Adesagi is well known for his very feminine and sweet dresses. with all the beauty and love around him, he plays with colors and Classic silhouette on modern cut dress. from many designers i know, he has a very good ability in sketching and hand-writing with lots of different fonts that sometime he applied in his design.

Leaving the stage at the very peak of his career is such a huge lost for Indonesian fashion industry. his clientele included the biggest names in Indonesian entertainment industry such as Ruth Sahanaya, Titi DJ, Vina Panduwinata, Aida Nurmala, Gita Gutawa, and so many more. for me, Adesagi Kierana is not just a designer. he is an artist, an inspiration, a man with a remarkable smile, a man full of kindness, a man that lived in a world full of color and love.

I hope he can left this world with that unique smile of his.. because i know, a colorful heaven already waiting for his peaceful soul. and the fact that he left the world with his beloved one is another reliever that love will always be with him.. a love that not even death can separate.

The lyric I wrote next to his picture taken from 'Bleed by Hot Chelle Rae'. he wrote it down on the side wall of his exibition last month in an event held by PMR cube. now I read the lyric and it gives me a whole new meaning. but one thing for sure, He live and die with and for LOVE.

I will always miss your smile.

For the one and only, Adesagi Kierana..
Mr J