Monday, November 28, 2011

Jaw Dropping

This is my new favorite item! a shark Jaw! tiger shark to be exact... I bought it on Seminyak street , Bali. the seller said that it was a Tiger's jaw bone. well, even that my biology doesn't scored really well, but i know the different. it's a shark's jaw bone. i bought it really cheap. don't get me wrong, but no shark were killed specifically for this item, it's a Seafood Gourmet Residual from Jimbaran, so, I'll said this one as a 're-use' accessories. se, Fashion can be so green. and fierce.

The other great thing is, I can wear it as neck piece.. or bag accessories.. or even a head piece! lots of different look from an item? me likey! let's take a look!

even I wear it to Jakarta Fashion Week's Dewi Fashion Knight.. Combined it with Kiata Qwanda's black shirt with Shanghai buttons detail, Biasa denim hand bag, and Alessandro Del'aqua sneakers from Rococo.

or, we can use it also on the bag :D I love to combined it with my Denim 'birkin alike' bag from Biasa

this my new thing, is Jaw Dropping. literally.

Mr J

I already had it photoshooted. will published it soon! :D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

'BACK TO BLACK' a tribute to Amy Winehouse project with Ricko Sandy

a part of me died with her.

She's my idol, I adore her talent as much as I adore Mcqueen. she's the best singer and recording artist in her generation, and I know she may be not a good role model, but everytime we're down, you can look at her, listen to her song, feel her painful life and see what happened to her.. she got fame.. she got grammy.. her fans love her until she's dead. she's a true meaning of 'when live give you lemon, u bring along your tequila and salt, make toast with it, and move on'.

I will always miss you, Amy.. and this is my tribute to you.

a tribute to Amy Winehouse

Photographed by Ricko Sandy
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up by Anpa Suha
Hair by Tedza syah
Model: Olga Yalansyaka @VTM
Asst. Photographer: Ifan Hartanto
all dresses from SWANK by Salvi Arzharael

Goodbye Amy.. you will always be in my heart... and playlist. RIP AMY WINEHOUSE.

Mr J

'WICKED' a Special Haloween project with Ricko Sandy

happy haloween!!!

yeaa.. that was me more than a week ago.. but anyway..... I made a Halloween project with Ricko Sandy. actually, we did this shoot inspired by Daphne guinness, and because i was extremely excited, i brought too many clothes, so we decide to shoot this haloween special project!

The concept is about there's evilish-wicked side in every human being. so we use the color of blood, skin, bone with magnificent horn shaped headpiece by EMINICO. and it was amazing! I love the result! hope you like it too :)

a Haloween special project
Photographed by Ricko Sandy
Stylist: Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up Artist: Husein Yunior
Hair stylist: Arnold Matta
Model: Elena Zotova@JIM and Lenka Varvarova@JIM
Asst Photographer: Reza Prasetya

so, instead of wearing slutty outfit for next year haloween, you should wear something that literally thrilling the day.

Mr J