Sunday, October 2, 2011

SWANK F/W 2011-2012 'Zhertva' campaign and launching show

sorry for my long absence... it's a whole crazy-hardworking-headbanging month.

My Friend Salvi Arzharael, who also works for Adesagi Kierana, ask me to help him as a styl;ist and fashion consultant for his freshly new-born brand, SWANK. actually he already made some sample from last year, but he want to take it to the next level.

For it's 2011 Fall-winter Collection, SWANK has Russian as inspiration. the name of the collection is 'ZHERTVA' means victim in russian language. Salvi's seperate the male and female clothes inspiration too, for male collection, Salvi inspired by the Russian Army circa world war two, and for the Female collection, Salvi inspired by the Balerina and Matryoshka doll. and he put Bondage-S&M as red line between both male and female collection.

And the good news for Salvi is, he have an opportunity to launch his collection on Canteen Plaza Indonesia along with 7 other designer from ESMOD alumnis and 'lookbook community indonesia' as the models. The crowd was AWESOME! I snap some picture, hope you like it :)

SWANK F/W 2011


designer and creative director: Salvi Arzharael
All Eyewear: Bonniedegio Courto
all shoes by: Kemala Boutique
Photographer: Ricko Sandy
Stylist: Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up artist: Anpa Suha
Hair Stylist: Tedza Syah
Model: Bruno Shigueo @VTM and Olga Yalanskaya @VTM
videographer: Frisco Ramadhan
Asst. Photographer: Ifan Hartanto

The show :)

so, congratulation Salvi! I hope swank will be huge in the future :D

Mr J

P.S.Swank will be featured on Nylon and Amica this november or December.. and u should see the campaign video here

Series of Juanita: 'Red Velvet'. a personal project with Christopher Aditya

still from Julius Brahmanto's team portfolios shoot.. (I've told you, this is my record)

This one actually accidentally happen. it's supposed to be for ms Retno Prasasti. but later on, Christoper Aditya took over her turn, (well.. since she's busy meeting with the client of julius over the phone..) and Juanita's ready.. so here we are..

after almost 2 years didn't shoot any portfolio, Christopher Aditya did a very great job on shooting Juanita. we had many great pictures that day, so, we have decided to turned it into series. so, here's the first series, 'Red Velvet' sexy. dark. smooth. tempting. alluring. unreachable.

Series of Juanita: 'Red Velvet'
Photographed by Christopher Aditya
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up by Norma Moi
Hair by Gisela Wina
Model: Juanita
Wardrobe: Faux fur jacket by Adesagi Kierana, black lace dress by Malik Moestaram, gloves, Stylist's own.

i really love the result!!!! can't wait for the other series!!!!

Mr J

'En Avant' a fashion photography portfolio with Retno Prasasti

this is another series of portfolio shoot with Julius Brahmanto's team :D

when Asty offered me this concept, I know that Kate will be perfect for this. and she does! am speechless. please do enjoy 'En Avant' by Retno Prasasty.

'En Avant'
photographer:Retno Prasasti
Stylist: Rajasa Pramesywara
MUA: Norma Moi
Hair stylist: Gisela Wina
Model: Katya Talanova
wardrobe: Mel Ahyar Happa, Mel Ahyar Couture, Biyan, and Topshop

Katya never fail to amaze me!!!! Love her till death! will upload some more portfolios so please, stay tuned!!

Mr J