Wednesday, September 21, 2011

'Let's Spend The Holiday With BRUNO!' a model portfolio by Ricko Sandy

At first, I was kinda confused about Bruno. I saw his composite and i wasn't sure about him. then, I came on a huge decision about models for my client's lookbook portfolio shoot, the one that already booked have to left the nation sooo much early. and I'm not sure that Bruno is the right model for the concept..

So, i did a test shoot with Ricko Sandy, no make up.. no borrowed designers clothes.. just my stuffs. and he rocked! no wonder he became Nicoline Patricia Malina's newest muse. and he's much better than his early portfolio. he's nice, easy to work with, and he almost can do any pose! definitely the new 'it' boy on Indonesia Fashion industy!

The theme of this spread is 'Let's spend the holiday with Bruno' basically inspired by things we'd love to do on holiday, watching cartoon, go to safari, let the comical side come out, have a rough nice sex, did some bad stuffs, watching sports event, and goofying around. hope you love it!

Let's Spend the Holiday with BRUNO!
a model portfolio for Bruno Shigueo @VTM
Photographed by Ricko Sandy
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Asst photographer: Shakti Siddarta
Wardrobe:, SPOUS by Priyo Oktaviano, CK jeans, CK eyewear, WWW by Wilson Darlin, Topshop underwear, EMINICO by Noriko Emmy and Stylist's properties.

it's a great shoot indeed! and yes, he got that job. I will update about that one soon!

Mr J

potraits of Chantal Della Concetta by Andra Alodita

A very beautiful yet talented photographer, my beloved friend, Andra Alodita, ask me to help her personal project featuring another beautiful yet talented TV icon, Chantal Della Concetta. did I say yes? of course.

at first, I know that Ms. Conchetta was a news anchor, but i forgot which one (since I don't watch news much..) and then I googled her name. turns out several sexy pictures of her appear and it getting worst on the comment area.

Ms Conchetta, undoubtly, is a very sexy-attractive-smart-yet-active woman. so, I decide to bring another side of her.. with more fashion approach, I try to show her sexiness by personality.. not figure.. well, at least not all about figures. hope u like it :D

a potraiture
photographed by Andra Alodita
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
model: Chantal Della Conchetta
wardrobe: Adesagi Kierana, Mel Ahyar Couture, and Gissay by Jessie Gultom.

even that now Ms Chonchetta left the news anchor job already, u can see her at her new website . it was a lovely day that I worked with such loveable ladies. can't wait to work with them again.

Mr J

'ADRIAN' a Model Portfolio by Kartika Sari

This following pictures are model portfolio shoot for a local male model, Adrian from Kartika Sari never shoot a male model before, so we just crossing our finger hope that u'll love it. :D

a model portfolio
photographed by Kartika Sari
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up by Norma Moi
hair by Gisela Wina
Model: Adrian

Adrian gave his best effort and lots of Energies on the shoot. hope that you love the result!


Mr J

'APACHE de NAVAJO' a fashion photography portfolio with Kartika Sari

here's another shoot with Julius Brahmanto's team member, Kartika Sari, featuring the amazing- the one and only, Endhita Wibisono from agency.

this concept brought by Kartika Sari herself, inspired by the Native American culture.

Endhita prooves that being a senior model doesn't mean you have to be a diva and act like a demanding woman. she's professional, she's verrry nice, she mastered all the modeling technique and theory, and her pictures forced us to agreed that Endhita deserves the 'senior Model' title. it's a great opportunity for me to have a project with a humble senior model like her.

Mr J

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"YOU WITCH!" a fashion photography portfolio with Ayu Adita

i swear. every photoshoot with Kate is a whole new experience!!!!

again. this is my shoot with Ayu Adita, a young female photographer, who not only being good as Photographer's assistant, but also good as a photographer indeed!

the concept of "YOU WITCH!" came from Harry Potter character, Narcisca Malfoy and Belatrix LeStrange, which actually sisters but have two very different personality. so you may see some twisted expression on the pictures below. but as you can see, the elegant witch killed the crazy witch in the end. please do enjoy! cause i do!

a fashion photography portfolio by Ayu Adita
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up by Norma Moi
Hair by Gisela Wina
Model: Katya Talanova

this is a uber fun shoot!!!! can't wait to work with this team again!

Mr J

Thanks to Harry potter for the inspiration

p.s pt 2
u know... it's hard to write the word 'WITCH' sooo many times.. my finger keep pressing the letter 'B' instead of 'W'. That won't be good...

Endhita! a portfolio project with Ayu Adita

I always wanna have a shoot with her!

Endhita, one of Indonesian senior supermodels, and she still active producing pictures constantly up until now. Her pose and expression is beyond imagination, and her personality is indescribably good. so please do enjoy my works with her :D and also one of my new soon to be partner in shoot, Ayu Adita.

Ayu Adita currently works as Julius Brahmanto's Assistant. a few days before the shoot, My tutor, Thornandes James told me to help the 'team Julius' for portfolio shoots. They are Ayu, Tika, Asty, and Topher. I have 2 shoots with Ayu, 2 shoots with Tika, 1 shoot with Asty, and 1 shoot with Christopher. This one is the result from my work with Ayu. Turns out, she's very good handling the camera too! hope you like the result!


photograph by Ayu Adita
styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up by Norma Moi
Hair by Gisela Wina
Model: Endhita

I love it sooo much! perhaps u may judge my styling is kinda raw and else.. well.. please do.. i did 6 spreads with very limited item and wardrobe and not enough preparation.. but i think I nailed it!

Mr J