Thursday, August 25, 2011

a Tribute to Nation: 'OUR RAPED HOMELAND'

OUR RAPED HOMELAND is a project for celebrating Indonesia's independence day on 17th of August 2011. and already upload it on my FB page since then, but have no time to update my blog.. so here we go..

on this year's independence day, Indonesia's land is still being a victim of politicians, businessmen, and its opponent's who lust over richness, power, and spotlight in the world. sad reality when Indonesia on its 66th independence day still being raped by all of the mega-capitalist people, for its gold, culture, and woods, which they sell it to the highest bidder, without any leftover for the generations ahead in the future.

I know this perhaps only a small contribution that me and the art team can give for our nation and homeland, even not all of us born and learn to walk in Indonesia, but we all know that we love this country and don't want this country to lost its battle, but we hope, this artwork can inspire people and the generation in the future to protect our raped homeland, heal it wounds, and keep it as beautiful as the emeralds of the mother earth.

a tribute to Nation
(Deserted Woods, The Gold Teary Land, and The Dying Culture)

Photograph by
Ricko Sandy
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up by Adrian Suryapradipa @B-mgmt
Hair do by Arnold Matta Dominggus and team
Model: Katya Talanova
Assistant Photographer: Ifan Hartanto
Accessories by EMI NICO by Emillia Nico
thanks to: Studio47, kemang

"Tanahku Tak Kulupakan, Engkau Kubanggakan..." (from Indonesia's National song 'TANAH AIRKU" composed by Ibu Sud)

Mr J

Happy 66th Independence Day, Indonesia!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monstore F/W 11-12 'Death Beats' Campaign

Finally! the newest campaign of Monstore is published!!!!!

'DEATH BEATS' is their collection for F/W 11-12. a story about a man who suicide and a girl who love him. the story continue with a girl who follow her love to the underworld and looking for her other half, until in the end, they finally together forever.

'DEATH BEATS' Monstore's F/W '11-'12 campaign
Photograph by Adha Togi
styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
concept by Monstore team: Nicholas Yudha, Michael Chrisyanto, and Agatha Carolina
Production team: Gary Gregorius and Eugene Tehupuring
Make up and hair by Febby Liu
Digital Imaging Artist: Rudi Ferdianrus
Models: Milenna@POSH and Farris @POSH

I Hope you all love the campaign and buy lots of it!!! to visit the complete collection and lookbook, please visit

Mr J

Thank u to Monstore teaaaam! so, is it the time to talk about the upcoming show yet??? :p

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Great news from Design Scene and Male Model Scene!

Great news! my works with Ricko Sandy have some reviews from international scale website, Design scene and Male Model scene! they are DALI! featuring Wesley Souza from VTM and Sables et des Perles featuring Katya Talanova.

Click HERE to see the review at

Click HERE to see the review at

And I also wanna say my deepest sorry to Mr Adrian Suryapradipa @B-mgmt, as the Make up artist for 'Sables et des Perles', for my mistyped at FB page' credit title of 'Sables et des Perles' and somehow ends up with Design scene team publish it as 'Adrian Surya @Bmanagement'. It's my mistake, and please take this post as formal apology from me and Mr Ricko Sandy. I hope we will make lots of project together again in the future.

Mr J

there are 2 more projects still on the editing process, I promise will upload them ASAP!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

'Sables et des Perles' a beauty photography portfolio with Ricko Sandy

this is a total collaboration project for portfolio. for me, Mr Ricko Sandy, Mr Adrian Suryapradipa, Mr Arnold Matta, Ms Emi nico from EMINICO, and Ms Katya Talanova.

'Sables et des Perles' means 'Sands and Pearls' in French. it's a combination of beauty and accessories shoot. I do really love the result very much. I got inspired by underwater creature such as seahorse, shell fish, jellyfish, shrimp, ammonyte helix fossil and many more. I made this concept in celebration of Indonesian independence day in august, and as we all know, Indonesia is the biggest archipelago country in the world, which also very rich with sea beautiful creature. please enjoy.


A beauty photography portfolio by RICKO SANDY
Hair by ARNOLD MATTA and team
All Accessories by EMILIA NICO @EMINICO
Assistant Photographer IFAN HARTANTO
Digital imaging by MARK B

thanks for the great work team!!!! can't wait to upload the other tribute to Indonesia! I'll update it very soon!

Mr J

Monday, August 1, 2011

'DALI!' a portfolio project with Ricko Sandy

Salvador Dali's eccentric style always amuse me.

at the first time, i don'e know who is salvador dali. until I saw Mr. Muara Bagja's moustache. it's so unique and iconic. turns out.. he got inspired from Salvador Dali's. since then I keep on googling about him. and i remember, one of my muse, Dita Von Teese once play a movie.. 'the death of Salvador Dali' I try to watch that movie and called Ricko at that same second, ask him to make a portfolio shoot, and he agreed.

So here's 'DALI!' a portfolio shoot with Wesley Souza from VTM, picturing the tailoring, italian glam neat style of Dali, with eccentric expression and unique pose of him. hope you like it!

a photography portofolio by RICKO SANDY
Make up and hair by ANDY CHUN
Assitant photogrpaher: IFAN HARTANTO
Thanks to: STUDIO47 and IGOR RAMOS @VTM

I really love the tone and result! and i wanna say a special thanks to Igor Ramos from VTM for bending his back and became a human table. haha.

Mr J