Saturday, July 30, 2011

10.000 readers!

I simply wanna say thank you for all of 4-0-3 readers from the first time I create this blog until this moment. 10.000 readers is a big number for a junior in fashion industry like me, hope one day this blog can inspire perhaps one or two.. perhaps many of my readers. thank you very much.

every time i see the 'readers counter' and it's rising, it gives me much more strength to update 4-0-3. hope you enjoy my blog as much as I do.. and i hope you can leave more comment for me. thank you very much :D

Mr J

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jeffry Tan's Picnic!

Jeffry Tan has new way to show his new collection without huge cost side effect. he create a picnic in his store!

Jeffry Tandeam or famously known as Jeffry Tan, is a rising up young designer, who love to experiment with fabric, colors, cutting technique, and silhouette. for this prefall collection, he has very vibrant-colorful color with traditional material such as ikat, organza, cotton, and satin, with his edgy cutting technique and volume.

besides the new collection, Jeffry also held a SUPER SALE! all 70% discount on last seasons item! i mean, i bought his metallic blue velvet pantofel only for (around) IDR300k. and his black blazer with cutout-transparent collar line for IDR600k! that's a super bargain! I found a skirt, for only IDR100k! and many more!

I had a great time at Jeffry Tan's Fashionable Picnic! and also I had a great bargain! thanks for the invitation, Mr Jeffry Tan! (and thanks for the extra discount :p)

Mr J

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sebastian Gunawan Annual show 2011 "Reflection"

there's a simple way to explain 'what is femininity?' to you. by watching Sebastian Gunawan's show. In my own opinion, in Indonesia, only three people who can create a perfect silhouette of feminine lady, Didi Budiardjo, Sebastian Gunawan, and Andreas Odang. and i adore all three of them.

this year, sponsored by Aqua, Sebastian Gunawan held a fashion show titled 'Reflection', a collection of free independent women with colorful pallet and feminine cut. this event not only a fashion show, but also the grand launching of Aqua premium line 'Aqua reflections' which came up with a very sophisticated bottle, designed by Sebastian Gunawan. (and i can bring one of the Aqua Reflections home as souvenir :D)

the sad part is, we're not allowed to capture pictures by any camera during the show. but at the end... i can't help myself. so sorry! but I have to capture this moment! very wonderful stage! full with colorful tinfoil paper, colorful dresses, fierce models with edie sedgwick and Twiggy hair style. really paint that night on 60's-early 70's Mod mood.

Actually I really wanna see Seba's classic signature feminine lady look collection, but turns out, he gives more, he give a signature look with 60's twist. as a reflection of the modern ladies nowadays, sophisticated and showing their class explicitly but also know how to have fun with their creations. another presentation that shows the experience as seniors will be surprising and classy.. with a twist.

Mr J

Biyan RTW 2011-2012 'Orient Revisited'

Biyan never fails to amaze me. it's a common thing to know that Biyan always served his audiences' eyes with details and stories of his collection. and for this year, his collection titled as 'Orient Revisited' I kinda curious about the meaning. which orient? what era? what silhouette? and Biyan answer all of it in his show.. and like I said before, Biyan never fails to amaze me.

The curtain dropped down and unveil the stage. it seems like a huge warehouse.. antique warehouse of Chinese Vases and artefactual. even before I saw his collection, he already had my heart. and then the surprise begin, the rack is moving along with huge china patterned vases on it. then a tall-black-superfierce figure step in the middle, Ms. Tina Johnson from USA (but hired from singaporean agency) as the opening face of Biyan. again, Biyan had my heart.

as usual, Biyan divided his collection into several sequences, and in the end of every sequence, the rack is shifting, creating an illusion that we walk deeper to the antique warehouse, seeing the other collection of the orient heritage. as we can see, china vases and artefactual are Biyan's inspirations, so you can see that the tone color is blue-pale red-white-black as in china vases and some of it are black-silver-gold-brown like china statue and armor. you won't find any bold red and yellow which usually used in any china-inspired collection.. not with Biyan.

we also can see his signature silhouette, the super tall platform shoes, very edgy make up, beautiful and sophisticated design, tall and super thin models, and of course,, the crystal embellishment. he placed every swarovski crystal so perfectly even I can't recognize it as embellishment, I thought that was printed fabric, because he create Pagoda, river, two people chatting figure with the crystal. and there're also some embroidered fabric that really neat until you can't figure out that it was not a printed fabric until you touched it. again. Biyan never fails to amaze me.

the journey continues, we saw two giant wooden lamp before the night gown section, perhaps we almost near the final treasure which we are looking for in the warehouse, after labyrinth of racks of vases. you can see cheongsam silhouette, but you can also see very strong-cut and androgynous blazer with cropped pants, or shirts, or even loose knee-length dresses, just like the terracotta soldier artefact, who stand still after hundreds of years waiting for someone to revisited them once again.

then, the racks shifted again. showing huge wall foll with antique Chinese locker knob like the one you'll find on traditional Chinese Shin-se (traditional doctor) office. and the models having their last parade, showing all the beautiful collection and art pieces Biyan has made. remind us of all the heritage and rich culture the east side of the world has. what heritage and culture we have as an Indochina country, are treasures that we should and have to always keep up. that's the message I read from 'Orient Revisited', we can think about the modern and other culture.. but once in a while, we have to come home and look for the long journey of our ancestors and remember how rich we are without all the material thing.. because we have culture, beauty, and modesty.

All the Models are lining up and pose. the end of the journey inside the labyrinth of Oriental treasures.. showing the wall of antique knobs.. then. they invite us to reveal the most precious treasure we've been looking for, the only one in the world, the ultimate treasure.. and the wall starts to open. and we'll find Biyan. standing with his signature modest-simple smile, satisfying every eye holders in Mulia hotel grand ballroom with his collection.

after the final bow, Biyan go into the door again, followed by the models, then the racks starts to covered up the stages again back to their first position, as a symbol of leaving the warehouse. perfect metaphor.

The show is full of surprises. but one thing that I don't surprised at all, because i know it from the very start of the show, Biyan will never fail to amazed me.

Mr J

Thursday, July 21, 2011

'Mars-Venus' on Jakarta: Doloe-SKRG exibition

Finally! my very first exibition!

Jakarta Doloe-SKRG is a photo and art exibition, for celebrating Jakarta's birthday. held in a kites museum, who was a native Jakarta's manor once in the past, giving the right ambiance to celebrate the old city birthday.

Mars-Venus took part on it, as the 'SKRG' part, we're showing the modernity, not from the building and cars or pollution (it'll be too common), but we shows the modernity of Jakarta people and sociology, how the modern people of Jakarta way of think and react to the condition around them, specifically, about the competition between the modern-career woman and Male's ego.

let's see some picture :D

we're the only one that using the LCD TV for the media, showing the modernity side. and well.. not to mention cheaper... :p

And I'm sooo surprised that Ms. Dana Jumataeva, one of the model from 'MARS-VENUS' were actually came to the exhibition!!! with Mr. Gustav Ariferdi from too! we took some picture at the exhibition, then we show her the kite museum. a great night indeed! and also many thanks to Mr. Glenn Prasetya for all the support so me and Ricko Sandy can be 'this' far, and for coming that night too.

thank you for supporting us, and of course my readers too, because I do look at visitor counter, and each time i saw it increasing, it gives me more strength to write more.

thank you!
Mr J

'OUTER' a photography portfolio with RICKO SANDY

Another great Portfolio with Ricko Sandy!!! and this one already had a great review from !!

no storyline for this one, I just make the trend for pre-fall outerwear, with edgy and dark ambiance, because seems like this fall-winter trend will be dark, deconstruct, leather material, and slightly oversize again. hope you enjoy it.

a Fashion Photography Portfolio
Photograph by Ricko Sandy
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up and Hair by Andy Chun
Model: Igor Ramos @VTM
Assistant Photographer: Ifan Hartanto
Thanks to: Studio 47 and Sischaet Detta

Thanks to all designers and team!!!! and thanks to Male Model scene for the review :D lot's of upcoming project with Ricko Sandy will be upload soon!

Mr J

Saturday, July 9, 2011

'PROJECT No. 79' a fashion photography portfolio with Ricko Sandy

One of the most dramatic shoot I ever made. not to mention the result is amazing and also dramatic (well, if you don't see it good, it's because I can't edit pictures really well..) but the drama happened behind the shoot and after the shoot. ugh. the shoes are ruined and scratched, one of the clothes full with glitter and really-really hard to cleaned. hhh. hard reality for me. anyway, this concept supposed to be for Michaela from VTM, but somehow, she was sick for a dengue and we got informed by VTm about this new model, Ksenia. Me and cocobi agreed to shoot with her. she's also tall, unbelievably beautiful, and really nice in person. so... why not?

Project no 79 shooted at a new hotel construction of Sophie martin. the sun is kind of moody, and the location is not comfortable at all, but hey! we got great pictures ans set there! the 'theme for Project no 79 is golden touch. basically we only use black and gold color. and perhaps u don't know, on periodic table, gold listed at number 79. that's why we call this editorial spread 'project no. 79' hope you love it!

'PROJECT No. 79'
a fashion photography portfolio by Ricko Sandy
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up and Hair by Andy Chun
Model: Ksenia / Xusha Sinichenko @VTM

Thank you for all designers that support this project, to Mr. Priyo Oktaviano and team, to Mr. Sapto Djojokartiko and team, Mr. Zico Halim, and Mr. Bonniedegio Courto for the amazing eyewear. and of course to Sophie Martin Indonesia, and of course to Ricko Sandy! can't wait to work with you again! (actually am gonna shoot with him again, tomorrow. haha just can't wait!)

Mr J