Thursday, June 23, 2011

Look at me when I'm walking!

New shoes!!! great bargain!! woohoo!

I went to Metrox Plaza Indonesia Extension last month, and i saw that they were on sale (I think they still on sale now..) and i saw this leather sneaker by Evisu. the great thing is, you can change the skin, they give you 3 options! the plain skin, the one with dragon print, and the one with golden print. well, The shop keeper told me, it was 2.3million. but since they're on sale.. they sale it for....... IDR 350.000!!! and if you buy two, they give you IDR 260.000!!! EACH! so i bought this Evisu Sneakers and a True Religion suede vans alike shoes. both are 2.3 and 2.5 million, and i bought it for IDR520.000 !

my Evisu Sneakers! but i did some style and twist the skin, I put all the skin and they looks like that now. oh well.. i love sale!!!

Mr J

My first exibition!

my dear lovey readers, you still remember 'MARS-VENUS' right? my portfolio with Ricko Sandy?

Thank to Ricko, now I'll have my very first exibition! Mars-Venus has been choosen by Anton Ismael to featured in 'Jakarta: Doloe-SKRG' exibition! here's the promotional poster!

as you can see, the exibition will be held at the Kite Museum, South Jakarta, at 25th of June 2011. hope to see you there, guys! wish me luck!!!!

Mr J

damn. i have no clue. should i make an instalation or just plain pictures??? UGH.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My new stuffs!!

Today, i went to Agra Satria of GHOST Juelerie's office to returned some necklace i was borrowed for a photo shoot, his works in Leboye Kemang, a beatiful artsy place with a lot of cute stuff.. and the last time I went there, They held an art exibition. not only artsy interior as table, chair, artwork, painting, etc, but also some local designed books, necklace, bags, and sooo many more, and I saw this inflatable bag.. I love it at the first sight. but since there's no price tag.. and the crowd is kinda wild.. and it's an art exibition.. ithought it will be verrry pricey.. oh well.

Long story-short, today i went there and I just can't help myself to look around.. and there it was.. the neon green inflatable bag.. still lovely as before.. and since this time i have plenty of time and no one's there besides Agra and the sales person.. i ask the price.. and guess what?? it's only IDR 80.000 I said like "WHAT????!? are you sure?? eighty thousand?? as in rupiah?? indonesian rupiah????" no kidding, i really said that in bahasa, ask Agra, he's a living witness. and of course i took it and go to the cashier.

at the cashier I saw a cool robotic figure made of leather (synthetic I guess...) and ask the sales again about it. "what is it?" "ouu.. keychain.. but you can also wear it as necklace.." "hooo.." and i look at the plastic packaging, and look at the bottom part. the price tag. again, IDR 80.000!!!! I can't believe it! it's unbelievably cheap!!! it shows its quality, well packaged, and very affordable.

that is my new treasure! and the next second, I found myself wearing the robotic necklace at the Topshop show at Senayan city, gonna write about it later! and the bag.. i guess I'll wear it for ESMOD show at 21st of June. anyone go there? hope to see you!

Mr J

congratulation to Mr Agra Satria and Ms. Yasmina Yessy for the 7.5 anniversary!!!! :*:* keep the romance sparks guys!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Clara Revival Night

Clara Revival Night is an event created by Clara magazine from Indonesia to celebrate their new launched website and new image. beside that, they also has a Fashion show featuring 3 up-rising designers from indonesia, Andreas Odang, who just held his very first solo Fashion Show, Kle by Kleting Titis Wigati, and Tex Saverio who successfully got Nicola Formichetti's bless, long story-short, Lady Gaga wore his creation for US Harper's Bazaar fashion spread.

I love the urban ambiance that night.. from the projector and Music, there's a collaboration between The Sigit and a choir.

Fashion Show by Mr Andreas Odang. perfectly tailored and neat!

very urban yet wearable presentation of KLE by Kleting Titis Wigati

A Dramatic closing show by Tex Saverio

The parade and closing.

The best thing of witnessing Andreas Odang's show is, he's not afraid to show his happy emotion on the stage, that's just priceless, as in this picture below, Ms Juanita wearing Andreas odang with Andreas Odang.

Mr Saverio with his creation.

And as usual, the next glam thing beside the show, is the guest. let's meet them, shall we?

Mr Andreas Odang with Thornandes James, wearing Andreas Odang creation

Mr Pasha Prakarsa from iCreate Indonesia with Mr Reza bustami, from Clara

Ms Chekka Cuommova with Mr Kay Mori Rizky from iCreate Indonesia

The Fashion journalistic living legend, Mr Samuel Mulia

My Best friend, Mr Geofanny Tambunan from Clara

and of course me that night, captured by Ms Chekka Cuomova, right infront of Jakarta's landmark, the SCBD.

Am wearing White shirt with black buttons from Topman, Stretch cropped top by Dian suryani, Ghost Juelerie's glow-in-the-dark neckpiece, tailored pants, Half finger leather gloves from Mongkok Market, Hongkong. and Frog shaped ring from (X)SML, Zara watch, Kenzo homme Man Clutch bag, and father's shoes.

thanks to Thornandes James for the invitation!!!!! congratulation Clara Indonesia for the new achievement! Proudly Indonesia!

Mr J

Am more than very glad to see two of my very bestfriends, Kay mori and Geofanny Tambunan already working on a Magazine.. I wish my turn will come soon... I love shooting for portfolios.. but each time someone give a compliment and ask "is it published on some magazine?" it just breaks my heart.

Friday, June 10, 2011

'ZOYA' a model portfolio for Adamova Zoya

Have you ever just meet someone and at that very moment you know that you'll love her? that's the moment when I met Zoya from VTM! in my eyes she looks like Heather Morris (Britanny from Glee) mixed with Kate Hudson. well.. you'll see. anyway, Cocobi (Ricko Sandy) asked me to help him in a portfolio shoot with Zoya, I can't say no! please enjoy, ZOYA!

a model portfolio for Adamova Zoya @VTM
Photograph by Ricko Sandy
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up by Philipe Karunia
Thanks to STUDIO 47

I LOVE HER!!!! and for photographer or stylist out there.. if you want to shoot Zoya, you'll be better to contact VTM ASAP, because she'll be leaving on middle July.. hope that she'll stay longer :D Love her! love the lighting! love the make up! thank you team!!!!!!

Mr J

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Internationally reviewed!!

Great news!!!!!!!!! (well, at least for me..)
three of my portfolios has been reviewed and featured internationally :D

a portfolio with Elio Jezierski and Hariono Halim up until now, still become the second best editorial shoot for Elio according to his Mother agency, Junior Costa Scouter at Brazil!

'Welcome To Burlesque' a portfolio with Adha Togi, Katya Talanova, Masha Litvinova, and Edo Doourman Moeis, has been featured and reviewed by an italian blog, the lady of burlesque, an blog about the art of burlesque and also an e-shop for burlesque stuff!
Last but not least, My last Portfolio 'MARS-VENUS' with Ricko Sandy, Greg Dodds, Masha Litvinova, and Dana Jumataeva, has been featured at one of the biggest fashion web for male models, the Male Model scene!
I take these as another achievement and also appreciation for my works.. thanks to all of the team and great people that help and support me trough hard times and downs in this industry! And of course one person that i can't say enough thanks to.. my tutor, friend and boss, Thornandes James :D

Mr J

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MARS-VENUS 'a fashion portfolio by Ricko Sandy'

OUTSTANDING!!!! I really-really love the result! another great portfolio by Ricko Sandy or Cocobi!!

MARS-VENUS concept inspired by Sonya Tayeh's choreography for So You Think You Can Dance, 'Battle of Sexes' with Mirah-The Garden as the backsound. I really-really-really love this number by Sonya Tayeh, so i promise my self, I'll make a 'battle of sexes' concept. and here now, i present you my very own battle of sexes, 'MARS-VENUS' as fashion photography portfolio with Ricko Sandy/

a fashion photography portfolio
by Ricko Sandy
styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Hair by Tedza
Make up by Anpa Suha
Hair stylist’s assistant Dita
Stylist Assistant: Hana Faiza
Photographer asst: Iman Pradana and Shakti Sidharta
Masha Litvinova @VTM
Dana Jumataeva
Gregg Dodds @VTM

Thank u for all people in the team!!!!!! really-really love the result! also for Ian Kamil from VTM and Adwin Saputra and Gustav from for believing me and Cocobi to work with Dana, Masha and Gregg for this project! also thanks to all of designers, Priyo Oktaviano, Sapto Djojokartiko, Mel ahyar, Tasya Ascobat Reza, Zico Halim, Dian suryani, and Sischaet Detta Francisco! can't wait to work with all of you again!! :D

Mr J