Tuesday, May 31, 2011

'DEUS VULT' a model portfolio for MASHA LITVINOVA

I. Really. Really. Happy. with the result!

Ricko Sandy (well, i always call him 'Cocobi') did a very great job!!! I never thought that this project can be this good.

Deus Vult or 'In God's Will' concept came from Masha herself. She watch Lady Gaga's Judas Video clip ans she says that she wanna be like judas.. or Jesus.. well.. she wanna go gaga. so, I create the looks and make up concept and team.. and here we go! Deus Vult basically the story after the last supper, when Jesus is Surrender to Roman Empire then being tortured and suffered, hold the cross on his back and then died in the God's will. Deus Vult, hope you enjoy it :D

a model portfolio for Masha Litvinova @VTM
Photography by Ricko Sandy
Styling by Rajasa Pramesyara
Make up by Adrian Suryapradipa @B-MGMT
Hair-do by Arnold Matta
Asistant Photographer: Iman Pradana
location: Studio 47

GREAT TEAM!!! thanks to Ms. Masha Litvinova for the opportunity!

Mr J

I already shoot another portfolio with Ricko Sandy! can't wait to upload it soon!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

'MYSTÈRE DE L'ORIENT' A Portfolio with Burhan Prawiradimulia

YAY! Finally my portfolio with Jeidy Azahari is done edited!! Love the Result!!

MYSTÈRE DE L'ORIENT or 'Mystery of the Orient' is a fashion photography concept about mystery in the east Asia. 'the rain lady', 'the headless samurai', 'the spider lady', 'ghost lady in kimono', and lot more. i love the result! i really do! thanks for Mr Burhan Prawiradimulia, Ms. Jeidy Azahari, and Mrs. Desy Wahyu. for the great team work! hope you like it :) enjoy!

A Photography Portfolio by Burhan Prawiradimulia
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up and Hair: Desy Wahyu @the House of Make-up
Model: Jeidy Azahari @B-management

Thank u for all the designers and brand :D hope you all love the result! and please leave some comments.

Mr J

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sapto Djojokartiko Brides on Bazaar Wedding Exibition

I always adore Mr Sapto Djojokartiko's Design. So, Watching his design for bridal collection is beyond my dreamiest dream.

at the second day of Harper's Bazaar wedding exibition, Mr Djojokartiko showed his bridal collection. very different from the heavy and fully payetted kebaya in Indonesia, Mr Djojokartiko's collection is very tone down and sacred, with shades of white, ivory, and off white, Mr Djojokartiko create a very elegant structure for feminine yet modern woman. playing with texture and material, Mr djojokartiko offering Indonesian market a new menu on the table, A very simple, sacred, elegant, sophisticated, appropriate dress for their biggest day on their life, their wedding day. please do enjoy some picture from the collection presentation..

a very beautiful yet simply romantic presentation from Mr Sapto Djojokartiko. congratulation! I do really love the show!!

Mr J

To order or custom made Mr Sapto Djojokartiko wedding dress, you can go to his studio (workshop) at Jl. Villa Sawo Kav. 17 Cipete Utara, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, Indonesia 12150 or visit his page here or you can visit his FB fanpage

Sunday, May 22, 2011

'BON VIVANT' Andreas Odang's 2011 ready to wear and brides collection

Andreas Odang's 'Bon Vivant' show is one of the most waited show this year. his excellence and details perfection that made him one of my respected designer. Bon Vivant means the 'good life' the upper class women that live on fairy tales, respected lady on high society and philanthropist. they always have their chin up high with attitude and fierce eyesight made everyone hold their breath for them. The good life women... bon vivant. Les femmes bonne vie.

Our Time by Amanda Jenssen open the show, the social butterfly starts to fly around the runway wearing Odang's ready-to-wear night gown. followed by Beautiful bride collection with classic-feminine details and silhouette. the clientele inspired Odang to make women more than just a woman. a woman should be grace and beautiful, uphold the femininity and be beautiful. "who don't want to be beautiful?" Odang said.

well, how about you?

Bon Vivant, a good life. A perfect collection from a perfect idealism of Women. and in the end, Andreas Odang just made a new definition of 'good life' for woman.

Mr J

congratulation for the show, Mr Andreas Odang. also thanks to Thornandes James who ask me to assist for this project so I have all access and can take a lot of pictures :D also to Harper's Bazaar, Ritz Carlton, LT PRO, Glenn Prasetya, Phillips Kwok, Shadtoto Prasetio, JIM Models, Ricko cocobi, and Adik Management. love the team :D