Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Canteen with Style: Monstore's Carnival

Wohooo! my second job as fashion stylist for Fashion show!!! my client for that day is Monstore! they have unique design.. with great graphic and somehow, it's very dark yet playful.

The show it self held at Canteen, Plaza Indonesia, level 5, 6th of April 2011, 8PM. it's soo crowded that night. and the carnival theme is all over the air. there were mimes, acrobatic clown, floating black baloons, popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, and neon lights. it was amazing!

This is Monstore's second show, and the theme is Carnival. well, their muse is the Circus Freaks and Cirque du soleil.. so, I've arrange the dark-gloomy-gothic circus freaks looks. the inspiration cames from thierry mugler last show, Lady gaga, Alexander Mcqueen, Christina Aguilera's fighter video clip, edward the scissors hand, and the Corps bride.

All the Top by Monstore, Jeans by Pop meet pops, Accessories by Ghost Juelerie @Goodsdept, Sou bret @Goodsdept, and mine, all the shoes is Models own. The models that night are Jennifer Karjadi, Ayla dimitri, Putri Madanaira, Marcella Caroline, Anastasia Sie, Sabai Morschek, IB Charisma, Robert Pangkey, Mario Sastra, Alex Siregar, Danny Gunawan, and Armand Dhino (who also did the campaign and catalog). well.. hope you like it!

Before the Show at the changing room and backstage (Aksara)

The Canteen with style: Monstore's Carnival show

After the Show

I got to Admit that was a long tiring day. and I have lots of tension to handle.. but hey! that night I got photographed by Adha Togi who did the last Monstore Catalog and Campaign with me! this was it.

and as you know. all I want to do for the rest of the day is.. having a cup of Monstore's Popcorn, a glass of double Kahlua on the rock, and looking at the drunk people dancing on the floor.. perfect. see u in the next project!

Mr J

Thanks to Olin, Nicko, and Mike for the opportunity! it's a pleasure to work for Monstore, and also to Adha Togi who actually offer me the job! thanks guys!!! :*

"NEKO NO KENKA!" A photography portfolio by Aurelia Airin

Finally! finally i have the opportunity to shoot my junior highschool friend Tania Drawina! actually, it was a campaign shoot for my another junior highschool friend's brand called AIDE. well, after the campaign, we did some extra shoots :)

Neko no Kenka! means Catfight! in japanesse. I have this obsessions to shoot women in kimono and yukata since long ago.. but i wanna make them more like a man. as a samurai.. or swordswoman.. because I love reading comics sooo much. well, in the other fact, i used to assisting James in 'cherry blossom' shoot with Nicoline Patricia Malina. they use kimono and stuffs... it inspires me a lot since then.

Neko no Kenka shooted by Aurelia Airin, the campaign's photographer that day, she's still young, perhaps same age with me.. and FYI, I edited this picture.. so if you find it kinda tacky or too raw.. or over edited.. it's my bad not airin's. I hope you can enjoy Neko no Kenka!

NEKO NO KENKA! (Catfight)

a Photography Portfolio by Aurelia Airin
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up and Hair by Desy @House of Make Up

Models: Tania Drawina and Krizia Alexa

I like the result :D very dark! and Tania did a great job! perfectly like how I'd love it to be! i hope this is not the last time to shoot Tania :D

Mr J

about the campaign... I'll upload it later! it's still on editing process.. hope it can finished soon!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011



I'll be the stylist for Monstore 2nd Fashion show in Canteen, Plaza Indonesia 5th floor, at 6th of April 2011, 8 PM onwards!!!!!! Please come and support us :D xoxo, Mr J

Monday, April 4, 2011

Saint and Sinner Campaign 2011 by julius Brahmanto and Thornandes James

OH MY. saint and sinner team is soooooooooo nice! no wonder everyone in the photoshoot became so excited to work for their campaign.

Took place in an empty used newspaper factory/ sparepart warehouse, this place for Saint and Sinner 2011 campaign is sooooo creepy. but in the other fact, The result is amazing! combining an innocent-angelic look and lusty-devilish side of every human, Saint and Sinner design team really amused me. their collection is very wearable yet very approachable for our bank account. and I have to say that their material is very comfortable on your skin. well, nuff said, please check the Pictures below

Saint and Sinner 2011 campaign
Executive Producers: Rina sugiri and Ira Sugiri (Saint and Sinner team)
Photographer: Julius Brahmanto

Fashion Stylist: Thornandes James

Make up and hair by: Philips Kwok and Team
Models: Alena and Ksenia @JIM
Asistant Photographer: Retno Prasasti, Ken Arini, Ranny Monita, Shuri, Sigit, Adit

Assistant Stylist: Rajasa Pramesywara

Assistant make up artist: Bintang Droe and Arie

Digital imaging by: Christopher Aditya

I love it sooo much! thanks Saint and Sinner team for the opportunity! hope to work with you again in the future :D

Mr J

And you have to see the AMAZING fashion video!!! HERE it was made by D.O.P team.