Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Hermes Temptation' a new book by Fitria Yusuf and Alexandra Dewi launching at Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan

My two favorite Fashion Darlings, Ms. Fitria Yusuf and Ms. Alexandra Dewi, just launched their second book, Hermes Temptation, after their first best seller 'The Little Pink Book'.

this book is revealing all the stories behind their 'high end branded bags reseller' business, of course lots of fun yet unique experience shared in the book.

Took the place in Kinokuniya bookstore, Plaza Senayan, Ms Fitria Yusuf looks very amazing with her low cut grey corset dress, while Ms Alexandra Dewi looks stunning and Fresh in her LBD.

Beside some sharing and giving hint about some section in their book, they also having a superb 'guess the real birkin bag' quiz. one of it, is a knock-off, while the other one was hand carried from Hermes Paris. and as you can guess, all the crowd choose the wrong bag. So, if you don't wanna choose a knock-off Hermes bag over the genuine one, I suggest you to buy this fabulous yet witty book.

Mr J

I saw a line of ladies with birkin on their lap. oh women....

Lightworks Magazine Cover featuring Amaliya Shakirova, Photographed by Andra Alodita


Yeaay! another new level for me :D well, yaa I know it's not a fashion magazine, but still it's a new level for me.

Lightworks is a Lighting Rental and Event Production, and now they made a brand new bridal magazine. so now Indonesia has our own free bridal magazine so no more extra cost for buying dozen of wedding magazine.. you can get Lightworks magazine for freeeeeee!!

'Spring of Love'

Photographed by Andra Alodita
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up and Hair by Tania Ledezma
Model: Amaliya Shakirova (Amy)
Asst. Photographer: Sabila Anjani
Retoucher: Teuku Adjie
All Dresses by Mel Ahyar Couture
acessories by Noriko Emmy

I hope you all like the result! Go subscribe for this new free bridal magazine for all Bride-to-be!

Mr J

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'Le Fleur Honorables' a tribute to The Honourable Daphne Guinness, a Fashion Photography portfolio with Ricko Sandy

Daphne Guinness.

An Heiress, a socialite, Couture Lover, Artist, but most of all, for me, she is a muse.
Lot's of people adoring Couture, but she bought them.
some people buy couture and hiding from the crowd, she made an exibition of her collection.
and most of all, she's not afraid to wear her collection in any ocassion.

she's no longer young, but her charm and beauty way above them. she's the goddess, the socialite, the collector, the muse, the honourable, Ms. Daphne guinness

the name 'Daphne' is a greek name, named after a female deity chased by the God Apollo then she pray to God to turn her into a tree, specifically a Laurel. When he knows he can't haver her love, Apollo then took some of it's leave to make his crown. Laurel is an aromatherapic evergreen tree that known use in mediteranian culinary, An ordinary daphne doesn't have any flower. but this Daphne stands out from the other daphne, she blooms beautifully than others. She's the honourable flower, Le Fleur honorables.

'Le Fleur Honorables'
(the honourable flower)

a Fashion Portfolio tribute to the Honourable Daphne Guinness
Photographed by Ricko Sandy
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up by Husein Yunior
Hair styling by Arnold Matta
model: Elena Zotova @JIM
Lenka Varvarova @JIM

I hope you like the result.. And i do really wish if there's any change that Ms. Daphne see this.

Mr J

congratulation for the exibition, Ms Daphne... only heaven knows how i wish I can see your collection.. sadly, the ticket fares ain't cheap and USA Visa is hard to get.

'You Used To Hold Me...' a Fashion photography portfolio with Asty/STY

Another beautiful shoot of Enditha by Asty/STY!

you know how you feel when u lost someone? wanna grab all the thing she/he left.. wanna hug anything with his/her scent remains.. it was so comforting at first but torture your heart in the end... 'You Used To hold Me...' by Asty/STY

'You Used To Hold Me...'
A fashion Portfolio
Photographed by Asty/STY
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up by Norma Moi
Hair styling by Gisela Wina
Model: Enditha @DAMN

"you used to kiss me.. you used to want me.. You used to hold me... you used to... love me."

Mr J

Monday, November 28, 2011

Jaw Dropping

This is my new favorite item! a shark Jaw! tiger shark to be exact... I bought it on Seminyak street , Bali. the seller said that it was a Tiger's jaw bone. well, even that my biology doesn't scored really well, but i know the different. it's a shark's jaw bone. i bought it really cheap. don't get me wrong, but no shark were killed specifically for this item, it's a Seafood Gourmet Residual from Jimbaran, so, I'll said this one as a 're-use' accessories. se, Fashion can be so green. and fierce.

The other great thing is, I can wear it as neck piece.. or bag accessories.. or even a head piece! lots of different look from an item? me likey! let's take a look!

even I wear it to Jakarta Fashion Week's Dewi Fashion Knight.. Combined it with Kiata Qwanda's black shirt with Shanghai buttons detail, Biasa denim hand bag, and Alessandro Del'aqua sneakers from Rococo.

or, we can use it also on the bag :D I love to combined it with my Denim 'birkin alike' bag from Biasa

this my new thing, is Jaw Dropping. literally.

Mr J

I already had it photoshooted. will published it soon! :D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

'BACK TO BLACK' a tribute to Amy Winehouse project with Ricko Sandy

a part of me died with her.

She's my idol, I adore her talent as much as I adore Mcqueen. she's the best singer and recording artist in her generation, and I know she may be not a good role model, but everytime we're down, you can look at her, listen to her song, feel her painful life and see what happened to her.. she got fame.. she got grammy.. her fans love her until she's dead. she's a true meaning of 'when live give you lemon, u bring along your tequila and salt, make toast with it, and move on'.

I will always miss you, Amy.. and this is my tribute to you.

a tribute to Amy Winehouse

Photographed by Ricko Sandy
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up by Anpa Suha
Hair by Tedza syah
Model: Olga Yalansyaka @VTM
Asst. Photographer: Ifan Hartanto
all dresses from SWANK by Salvi Arzharael

Goodbye Amy.. you will always be in my heart... and playlist. RIP AMY WINEHOUSE.

Mr J

'WICKED' a Special Haloween project with Ricko Sandy

happy haloween!!!

yeaa.. that was me more than a week ago.. but anyway..... I made a Halloween project with Ricko Sandy. actually, we did this shoot inspired by Daphne guinness, and because i was extremely excited, i brought too many clothes, so we decide to shoot this haloween special project!

The concept is about there's evilish-wicked side in every human being. so we use the color of blood, skin, bone with magnificent horn shaped headpiece by EMINICO. and it was amazing! I love the result! hope you like it too :)

a Haloween special project
Photographed by Ricko Sandy
Stylist: Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up Artist: Husein Yunior
Hair stylist: Arnold Matta
Model: Elena Zotova@JIM and Lenka Varvarova@JIM
Asst Photographer: Reza Prasetya

so, instead of wearing slutty outfit for next year haloween, you should wear something that literally thrilling the day.

Mr J

Sunday, October 2, 2011

SWANK F/W 2011-2012 'Zhertva' campaign and launching show

sorry for my long absence... it's a whole crazy-hardworking-headbanging month.

My Friend Salvi Arzharael, who also works for Adesagi Kierana, ask me to help him as a styl;ist and fashion consultant for his freshly new-born brand, SWANK. actually he already made some sample from last year, but he want to take it to the next level.

For it's 2011 Fall-winter Collection, SWANK has Russian as inspiration. the name of the collection is 'ZHERTVA' means victim in russian language. Salvi's seperate the male and female clothes inspiration too, for male collection, Salvi inspired by the Russian Army circa world war two, and for the Female collection, Salvi inspired by the Balerina and Matryoshka doll. and he put Bondage-S&M as red line between both male and female collection.

And the good news for Salvi is, he have an opportunity to launch his collection on Canteen Plaza Indonesia along with 7 other designer from ESMOD alumnis and 'lookbook community indonesia' as the models. The crowd was AWESOME! I snap some picture, hope you like it :)

SWANK F/W 2011


designer and creative director: Salvi Arzharael
All Eyewear: Bonniedegio Courto
all shoes by: Kemala Boutique
Photographer: Ricko Sandy
Stylist: Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up artist: Anpa Suha
Hair Stylist: Tedza Syah
Model: Bruno Shigueo @VTM and Olga Yalanskaya @VTM
videographer: Frisco Ramadhan
Asst. Photographer: Ifan Hartanto

The show :)

so, congratulation Salvi! I hope swank will be huge in the future :D

Mr J

P.S.Swank will be featured on Nylon and Amica this november or December.. and u should see the campaign video here

Series of Juanita: 'Red Velvet'. a personal project with Christopher Aditya

still from Julius Brahmanto's team portfolios shoot.. (I've told you, this is my record)

This one actually accidentally happen. it's supposed to be for ms Retno Prasasti. but later on, Christoper Aditya took over her turn, (well.. since she's busy meeting with the client of julius over the phone..) and Juanita's ready.. so here we are..

after almost 2 years didn't shoot any portfolio, Christopher Aditya did a very great job on shooting Juanita. we had many great pictures that day, so, we have decided to turned it into series. so, here's the first series, 'Red Velvet' sexy. dark. smooth. tempting. alluring. unreachable.

Series of Juanita: 'Red Velvet'
Photographed by Christopher Aditya
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Make up by Norma Moi
Hair by Gisela Wina
Model: Juanita
Wardrobe: Faux fur jacket by Adesagi Kierana, black lace dress by Malik Moestaram, gloves, Stylist's own.

i really love the result!!!! can't wait for the other series!!!!

Mr J

'En Avant' a fashion photography portfolio with Retno Prasasti

this is another series of portfolio shoot with Julius Brahmanto's team :D

when Asty offered me this concept, I know that Kate will be perfect for this. and she does! am speechless. please do enjoy 'En Avant' by Retno Prasasty.

'En Avant'
photographer:Retno Prasasti
Stylist: Rajasa Pramesywara
MUA: Norma Moi
Hair stylist: Gisela Wina
Model: Katya Talanova
wardrobe: Mel Ahyar Happa, Mel Ahyar Couture, Biyan, and Topshop

Katya never fail to amaze me!!!! Love her till death! will upload some more portfolios so please, stay tuned!!

Mr J

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

'Let's Spend The Holiday With BRUNO!' a model portfolio by Ricko Sandy

At first, I was kinda confused about Bruno. I saw his composite and i wasn't sure about him. then, I came on a huge decision about models for my client's lookbook portfolio shoot, the one that already booked have to left the nation sooo much early. and I'm not sure that Bruno is the right model for the concept..

So, i did a test shoot with Ricko Sandy, no make up.. no borrowed designers clothes.. just my stuffs. and he rocked! no wonder he became Nicoline Patricia Malina's newest muse. and he's much better than his early portfolio. he's nice, easy to work with, and he almost can do any pose! definitely the new 'it' boy on Indonesia Fashion industy!

The theme of this spread is 'Let's spend the holiday with Bruno' basically inspired by things we'd love to do on holiday, watching cartoon, go to safari, let the comical side come out, have a rough nice sex, did some bad stuffs, watching sports event, and goofying around. hope you love it!

Let's Spend the Holiday with BRUNO!
a model portfolio for Bruno Shigueo @VTM
Photographed by Ricko Sandy
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
Asst photographer: Shakti Siddarta
Wardrobe:, SPOUS by Priyo Oktaviano, CK jeans, CK eyewear, WWW by Wilson Darlin, Topshop underwear, EMINICO by Noriko Emmy and Stylist's properties.

it's a great shoot indeed! and yes, he got that job. I will update about that one soon!

Mr J

potraits of Chantal Della Concetta by Andra Alodita

A very beautiful yet talented photographer, my beloved friend, Andra Alodita, ask me to help her personal project featuring another beautiful yet talented TV icon, Chantal Della Concetta. did I say yes? of course.

at first, I know that Ms. Conchetta was a news anchor, but i forgot which one (since I don't watch news much..) and then I googled her name. turns out several sexy pictures of her appear and it getting worst on the comment area.

Ms Conchetta, undoubtly, is a very sexy-attractive-smart-yet-active woman. so, I decide to bring another side of her.. with more fashion approach, I try to show her sexiness by personality.. not figure.. well, at least not all about figures. hope u like it :D

a potraiture
photographed by Andra Alodita
Styling by Rajasa Pramesywara
model: Chantal Della Conchetta
wardrobe: Adesagi Kierana, Mel Ahyar Couture, and Gissay by Jessie Gultom.

even that now Ms Chonchetta left the news anchor job already, u can see her at her new website . it was a lovely day that I worked with such loveable ladies. can't wait to work with them again.

Mr J